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Ahmed Rashed Ahmed Technical Work L.L.C

ARA Technical Works is an innovative solutions provider based in Dubai United Arab Emirates. ARA focuses on solving real world problems better and faster than any other alternative in the market .Our Company  manages multiple divisions each with a dedicated portfolio of innovative solutions which service a specific industry. Such solutions specially includes Electrical Contracting, Home, Office, Hotel Automation and all kind of ELV Works Our “Technology Development team” works hard to study new markets, analyze existing technologies, and identify their problems and flaws. Following which is an incubation stage involving development of a new technological innovation . ARA stands as Dubai’s premier provider of ELV (Extra Low Voltage) services, delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to diverse needs. Our commitment to innovative technology and expert craftsmanship ensures the provision of reliable ELV systems, enhancing safety, efficiency, and connectivity across sectors. From advanced security systems to seamless communication networks, ARA’s top-quality ELV services set the standard for success in Dubai.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower our clients with technology solutions, enhancing success.

Our vision

"Unlock the potential of modern technologies to improve the quality of life."

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"We are committed to delivering top-quality solutions and services that exceed expectations."